Heider CFX Super Power
$ 150 $ 8990  VAT included
Heider CFX 750 meters
Heider CFX superior performance

Superior Performance

Heider CFX is not only a superior throw flashlight but also an amazing flood flashlight with its TIR lens.

Heider CFX regulator microcontroller unit

Regulator Microcontroller Unit

CFX has more power with its high performance DD3U motor micro RSL driver circuit.

Heider CFX total internal reflection

Total Internal Reflection

Heider CFX is equipped with CREE Power LED Technology with a special cut TIR lens.

Heider CFX has an outstanding light power you can switch between 3 regular modes; high, low, ultra low and
provide light source up to 100 hours in ultra low mode.

Convenient Lighting Modes

Heider CFX has 3 different regular lighting modes; high, low and ultra low. Its amazing zoom makes this lighting modes even more effective for all your activities. Heider CFX zoom flashlight provides you 100 hours of illumination in ultra low mode.

Hidden Lighting Modes

Heider CFX offers you 3 hidden modes in cases of emergency. You can communicate and plot your location or even defend yourself against the unexpected attackers. To switch between regular and hidden modes simply press on/off button repeatedly.

Heider CFX Compact Design
Heider CFX CREE Power LED


Heider CFX is equipped with CREE Power LED Technology with a special cut TIR lens. CFX Super Power has 100 hours of runtime in lowest mode per charge. Its power is not a coincidence, it’s the ultimate design.

Gold plated interior system parts

As a powerful tactical flashlight, CFX has gold plated interior parts which is one of the most conductive metals in the World. The combination of gold’s resistance to corrosion and its conductivity make this metal an extremely valuable resource and this flashlight a powerful long-lasting gadget.

Heider CFX Gold Plated Interior
Heider CFX Sealed Against Water

Designed to resist any condition

Besides its amazing power and practical use, Heider CFX has 100 hours of runtime in lowest mode. It's designed to be strong, durable and resist any condition.

TIR Lens Advantage

TIR optics enhance the illuminance on target for directional LED modules. You will hit your target with the intense light of Heider CFX thanks to it's TIR Lens and zoom function.

Heider CFX Constructions
Heider CFX Full Click


$ 150 $ 8990  VAT included


Led power Enhanced Cree High Power LED
Driver circuit DD3 Engine Microprocessor LED RSL
LED lifetime 100.000 hours
Lens Reinforced focus type glass
Main Body Aluminum Alloy Military Type Casing
Title Zoom Flashlight Flood & Throw
Beam Distance 750 meters
Light Color Optimized Daylight
Body color Gun Grey
Water-resistance 5 meters
Battery life 1.000 charges
On / Off button Click Type with 6 Lighting Modes
Dimensions 132mm x 21 mm x 25 mm
Weight 110 gr


1x Heider CFX Flashlight
1x High Quality Charger
1x Rechargeable 18650 3.7V Battery
1x special design wrist strap
1x spare switch / switch module
2x Spare O-ring
USB Cable
User Manual
Heider CFX technical


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